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Helping ambitious 6-figure+ female entrepreneurs restore their health, confidence, and inner magic so they can set healthier boundaries and improve the quality of their lives, business, and relationships.

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distorted masculin energy


divine feminine energy


You are an ambitious 6-figure + female entrepreneur suffering from burnout, stress, anxiety, and to top it all off you're dealing with chronic health conditions...

Despite your fantastic financial success, you are not fulfilled in life and you're just exhausted both physically and mentally...

I see you... I hear you... I feel you... and I've got you!

I have designed a program just for you my dear because you deserve a break...


Reclaim Her Power

Coaching Program

So, how will this program benefit you?
















This exclusive program is 1-2-1 and adapted to your needs so you can expect to see real results sooner rather than later.

You will...

Improve your health

Boost your confidence 

Get  clarity in your life

Restore your inner-peace

Break old negative patterns

Set healthier boundaries

Get back control of your life 

Unleash your inner magic.

Reconnect with your divine Feminine energy


Reclaim Her Power

Coaching Program

12 Weeks - £ 3990

This is for you if you need a deep emotional clear out, trauma release, and a mental reset. To embrace a life where confidence, joy, peace, prosperity, and success are your new norm. Where your energetic vibrations are aligned with everything you want to manifest into your life. Get ready for the new 'You', Get ready to be reborn!

>> This program includes:

  • 1 x Breakthrough session

  • 4 x Powerful inner child healing sessions

  • 1 x Rebirth session

  • 6 x Deep emotional & trauma release sessions 

  • Worksheets & exercises

  • Mirror work

  • Finding your inner peace

  • Boosting your confidence

  • NLP emotional release

  • Breaking limiting beliefs

  • 180° Transformation

  • Unlimited support

** 6 month and 12 month programs available on request.

Please enquire for availability.


Image by Edward Cisneros


I had several sessions with Nawel to resolve my problem with Anxiety and from the first session I could already see a huge improvement. She is a person that makes you feel comfortable and at ease straightaway . I would recommend Nawel to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life.

Image by Eye for Ebony


Nawel is great! She has given me lots of wisdom, and advice that I needed to help me get out of a bad place. Her therapy is truly worth every penny and she is really good at what she does. The healing and power of inner child therapy is really amazing.

Image by Luis Machado


My recent divorce led me to start snacking and I put on 5 stones. Nawel looked beyond my weight gain and switched off a button during my session. I instantly stopped stressing about my toxic relationship and all that anger and sadness disappeared. I was very happy with this outcome and I was even happier and surprised when I measured myself after just 1 week to see that I reduced 10 cm!



Hi! I'm Nawel Mallem...

I help ambitious 6-figure + female entrepreneurs restore their health, confidence, and inner magic so they can set healthier boundaries and improve the quality of their lives, business, and relationships.

I believe in the power of holistic healing. For me ‘holistic’ means to look at your ‘whole’ being and not just one part of it. I will look into every aspect of yourself: body, mind & soul.

I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist & an inner child coach. I use powerful Results Focused Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Rapid Healing Techniques amongst other powerful tools to help you regain mental clarity.


I'm driven by the success of my previous clients, from their smiles after their very first sessions to no longer needing my help as they embark on a new journey of positive transformation.

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